Wen Ma,

Certified Financial Planner®

I am a financial planning professional who is dedicated to improving the lives of you and your family.

As an immigrant myself, I know firsthand the challenges of those trying to navigate the complex U.S. tax and financial system for the first time. I have helped hundreds of individuals and families understand this system, through developing bespoke tax saving strategies, and tailored family and estate planning roadmaps. I have a deep understanding of the nuances, complexities, and workable strategies that achieve remarkable results.

I run a weekly English and Chinese webinar series on a comprehensive array of financial planning topics (including: college tuition planning, tax planning, estate planning, and investing). I have also given guest lectures for several professional associations. I make it my life goal to always put the client first and make sure that you are in the know.

If you or someone you know is interested in speaking with me about your financial needs, please schedule a consultation. Your journey begins now!